Getting Started with Xsquare

A quick introduction to developing with the Xsquare Open Finance platform

Use this environment to bring your fintech ideas to life.


Xsquare platform helps developers get consented access to build the most innovative financial products by using any of the following core components:

Data API

enables TPPs to aggregate users’ account data using Account Information Consent. Access to Account Information Service Providers , via one normalized API.

Payments API

allows creating an intent to a payment-order consent, confirming available funds for a payment order, and subsequently submitting the payment order for processing, and retrieving the status of a payment order in a secure and cost-efficient way.

Xsquare contains

  1. APIs, documentation and synthetic data including:
  • Transactions
  • Accounts
  1. User interfaces (and matching REST APIs) you may use to:
  • Register yourself as a developer
  • Get API keys for your Apps
  • Discover, call and create APIs
  • Request access to Roles
  • Grant Roles to others
  1. SDKs and example apps to get you started with your own apps